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Summary This blog post provides an overview of Python lists and Numpy arrays, clarifying some of the terminologies, and some helpful analogies when dealing with higher dimensional data. It explains how to nest lists to create 1, 2, 3 and 4-dimensional lists, and how to convert them to numpy arrays. It also provides examples of how to perform vector operations and how to use the data attribute "ndim" to verify the dimension of the numpy array.
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Create Numpy Array from a list To create a Numpy Array from list just pass the list object to numpy.array() i.e.
np.array() : Create Numpy Array from list, tuple or list of lists in Python – thisPointer

Reference object to allow the creation of arrays which are not NumPy arrays. If an array-like passed in as like supports the __array_function__ protocol, the ...
numpy.asarray — NumPy v1.24 Manual

Summary The simplest way to convert a Python list to a NumPy array is to use the np.array() function that takes an iterable and returns a NumPy array. This creates a new data structure in memory. Changes
How to Convert a List to a NumPy Array? – Finxter

Summary The np.array() function can be used to convert a list of lists into a NumPy array, even if the inner lists have a different number of elements. There are three different strategies to convert a list of lists into a NumPy array, such as using the standard np.array() function, making an array of arrays, or making the lists equal in length. To become more successful in coding, it is important to focus on practical coding projects that earn you money and solve real problems for people.
How to Convert List of Lists to NumPy Array? – Finxter

array is a data structure which can hold homogeneous elements, arrays are implemented in Python using the NumPy library. Arrays require less memory than list.
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numpy.matrix ¶ tofile (fid[, sep, format]) Write array to a file as text or binary (default). tolist () Return the matrix as a (possibly nested) list. ...
numpy.matrix — NumPy v1.13 Manual

NumPy Array From Existing Data - In this chapter, we will discuss how to create an array ... a Input data in any form such as list, list of tuples, tuples, ...
NumPy - Array From Existing Data

The 1D array creation functions e.g. numpy.linspace and numpy.arange generally need at least two inputs, start and stop .
Array creation — NumPy v1.25.dev0 Manual

# importing numpy library import numpy # initializing list ls = [[ 1 , 7 , 0 ], [ 6 , 2 , 5 ]] # converting list to array ar = numpy.array(ls) # displaying ...
Convert Python Nested Lists to Multidimensional NumPy Arrays - GeeksforGeeks

Converting one-dimensional NumPy Array to List Let’s construct a one-dimensional array of [1, 2, 3] :
How To Convert a NumPy Array to List in Python | DigitalOcean

Convert 2D Numpy Array to a flat list In both the previous solutions, we converted the 2D Numpy array to a nested list i.e. list of lists. What if we want to ...
Convert 2D NumPy array to list of lists in python – thisPointer