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Tasks in Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) may fail to launch due to application or configuration errors. 1 To troubleshoot, users can set AssignPublicIp: 'ENABLED' in the Fargate task and look for errors in containers as they see the container logs in EC2 method of deployments. 2

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Summary This discussion thread is about an issue with Amazon ECS where users are getting the error "STOPPED(Task failed to start)" when trying to run a basic Docker container. The solution is to set AssignPublicIp: 'ENABLED' in the Fargate task, and to find the root cause of the error. Additionally, users can look for errors in containers as they see the container logs in EC2 method of deployments.
Stopped Reason field not populated on "Failed to Start" · Issue #1654 · aws/amazon-ecs-agent · GitHub

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