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You can customize the new tab page on Microsoft Edge by clicking the Settings gear icon and selecting “Custom” from the list. 1 This allows you to enable or disable quick links, image of the day, and manage how you see Microsoft News content. 1 Additionally, you can add or remove links in the new tab page, and disable the "New tab tips" toggle switch. 2 Third-party extensions like Custom New Tab by maltejur can also be used to customize the home page with any URL. 3 There are also several start pages available that offer tree-style speed dials, minimalist designs, and widgets to customize the start page in the new tab. 4

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Summary Microsoft Edge has a new tab page experience that is far more customizable than the legacy version. This guide walks users through the steps to customize and make the most of the new tab page available on Microsoft Edge, such as changing the page layout, customizing the content, adding or removing links, and enabling the "Recent Bing searches" toggle switch. Additionally, users can add or remove links in the new tab page, and disable the "New tab tips" toggle switch.
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For most people, the default New Tab Page in Chrome works perfectly well for their ... you see a search bar, Google’s logo, and thumbnail tiles of the sites ...
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Summary Microsoft Edge is a popular browser that is often criticized for its distracting home page, which is often filled with news headlines and ads. To change the home page settings, users can install a third-party extension called Custom New Tab by maltejur, which allows users to customize the home page with any URL. Tom's Hardware provides instructions on how to change the Microsoft Edge home page, as well as how to use any URL for the Edge home page.
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the following will change the new tab page to this extension will set the new tab page to a URL of your choice. after installing you may…
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Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center. Go to Org settings > News. Under News, select Microsoft Edge new tab page . Select the toggle in the next screenshot that…
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Mar 21 2022 05:11 AM. Hi @johnvankollenburg. there's no OOTB setting to generally open links in a new tab . - SharePoint will open external links in quick links WebPart or…
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