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Netlify environment variables can be used to configure a site's build and functionality based on different parameters and deploy contexts. 1 They can also be used to store sensitive information such as API keys. 2 Additionally, they can be managed centrally in the site's deploy settings admin and accessed in local builds with netlify dev. 3

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Summary Netlify environment variables are accessible during your build. This allows you to change behaviors based on deploy parameters or to include information you don’t want to save in your repository, such as API keys.
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Summary Netlify environment variables allow you to configure your site’s build and functionality based on different parameters and deploy contexts. This page describes the different environment variable options at Netlify, their override rules, limitations, and how to get started.
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Summary When you need to keep a sensitive variable in a safe place, environment variables can help. And with Netlify you can manage your environment variables centrally in your site's deploy settings admin, and event access them in your local build if your run your site with netlify dev .
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There are three different ways we can set these variables for Netlify projects. My go-to is via the project dashboard in 'Site settings > Build & deploy > Environment >…
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Created a an environment variable for it in my Netlify Build & Deploy > Environment settings. Created a Netlify (AWS) Lambda function to expose my environment variable from step 2.…
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In CRA we used the .env file to get the Netlify environment variables into React. CRA .env file: # get the Netlify environment variables REACT_APP_COMMIT_REF=$COMMIT_REF REACT_APP_PULL_REQUEST=$PULL_REQUEST REACT_APP_REVIEW_ID=$REVIEW_ID When we did…
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