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The -v switch can be used to reverse the meaning of a `grep` search, allowing users to search for lines that do not match a given pattern. 1 This switch is also known as the "invert switch" 1 , as it inverts the meaning of the search, allowing users to find lines that do not match the given pattern. This can be useful for finding lines that do not contain a certain string or pattern.

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Summary Just add the -v switch to your grep search command, like this: As shown in the documentation below, the -v switch stands for "in v ert switch". I like to think of it as re v ersing the meaning of the search
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Examples of GREP, EGREP, AWK, SED. GREP OR, GREP AND: match multiple patterns. GREP NOT: print the lines, that do not match a pattern (negative matching).
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So I'm trying to use grep to isolate negative monetary values from a file but nothing I've tried has worked. Ex.) -42,345 I've tried: grep '-*' grep
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grep has support for Perl compatible regular expressions (PCRE) by using the -P flag, and this provides a number of useful features. In this article, I’ll ...
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