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Neeva is an ad-free, private search engine and browser created by ex-Google execs and available for both iOS and Android devices, with two plans for members to choose from. 1 It has raised $40 million in Series B funding 2 and is now available in Europe. 3 It also offers NeevaAI, a generative AI search, which was formally launched to the U.S. market in January. 4

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Summary Neeva, an ad-free search engine launched last year by a former engineer and executive best known for spearheading Google's advertising tech business, is about to land in Europe. The company has amassed more than 600,000 users, the vast majority of which are on a free plan, and is now looking to markets farther afield in search of growth. Neeva is available as a native mobile app on Android and iOS, while it's also available on the desktop via a browser extension that blocks trackers and delivers Neeva's own brand of organic search.
Founded by Google's former head of ads, Neeva brings its ad-free search engine to Europe | TechCrunch

Summary Fast-forward to January, and Neeva formally launched NeevaAI to the U.S. market, pitched as “authentic, real-time AI search.” While it was technically possible for users around the globe to access NeevaAI before now, it required a little jiggery-pokery in the account settings, involving changing language and location preferences.
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Neeva launches AI -powered search engine service internationally by Kyt Dotson As ChatGPT continues to sweep the world, Neeva Inc., an ad-free subscription-based search engine that...
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NeevaAI, the ad-free and tracker-free AI -powered search tool, is now available to users worldwide. NeevaAI combines the capabilities of large language models like ChatGPT with the accuracy and...
NeevaAI: Now Available Worldwide

NeevaAI is an AI-driven search tool that does not include advertisements or trackers, and it is accessible to people all around the world. Image courtesy: Neeva AI. Neeva AI began…
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Neeva is now beta testing NeevaAI, a feature that works a lot like ChatGPT — delivering conversational, text-based responses to queries — but without those shortcomings. “NeevaAI shows a synthesized…
Ad-free Neeva search engine to launch ChatGPT-like AI feature

Neeva has attractive search results for e-commerce, but the ad- and affiliate-free search engine can make it hard to actually shop – and it comes at a cost. $0.99 at…
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Neeva is a search engine, designed by Sridhar Ramaswamy, a veteran Google employee, who was also vice president of advertising and commerce at the company between 2013 and 2018. If…
7 Reasons You Shouldn't Use Neeva, the New "Tracker-Free" Search Engine

Neeva's AI-powered answer engine is always ad-free, ensuring that targeted advertising never influences your results. BLAZING-FAST BROWSING Load pages across the web faster and more efficiently...
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