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Summary This article provides instructions on how to set up a controller for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 11 and 12. It explains how to calibrate the controller in the Windows Control Panel, how to adjust the throttle, prop, mixture, flaps, and trim wheel, and how to use the Flight Sim Stuff app to adjust the controls. It also provides tips on how to use the app to get the most out of the controller and how to use the app to get the most out of the game.
Controller Setup for MSFS 2020 and X-Plane – Flight Sim Stuff

Summary Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a popular flight simulator that does not have a throttle axis, making it difficult to use. To fix this issue, users have had to remove the control bindings in the FSX/Steam program, reset the controllers to factory, and delete the FSUIPC folder. Additionally, users have had to use CTRL ALT X for co-pilot with varying results.
microsoft flight simulator 2020 throttle axis - Microsoft Community

Arm Auto Throttle - SHIFT + R Toggle Parking Brakes - CTRL + NUM DECIMAL
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 keyboard controls: Every default Flight Sim key in the game | GamesRadar+

The MSFS DLC Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter has been updated to version [more] Das Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Aerosoft Airport Exeter International ...
Throttles | Flight Simulation | Hardware | Aerosoft Shop

However, my Thrustmaster warthog throttle is not setup for split engine throttle. I went ... MSFS 2020 will support up to 4 engine throttles with separate ...
Two Engine Throttle - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community

are many options for realistic flight controllers, and I looked at several that work well with MFS , including a simple joystick, a few “hands-on throttle ...
5 Best HOTAS Controllers for 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' (2022): Affordable and Luxe Joysticks | WIRED

If you want to look beyond a gamepad, a cheap HOTAS - which is an acronym for hands on throttle-and-stick, but we'll stick with HOTAS because it's easier to ...
Flight Simulator controller recommendations: Our picks for budget, mid-tier and high end joystick setups •

Reviewing the best Throttle Quadrant for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 based on price, ... detents were mismatched and had to be rectified using MSFS’s ...
Best Throttle Quadrants for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Using developement version. Saitek X52 Pro throttle hardware. Been trying to set up my ... I am happy just triggering the reverse thrust as a button in MSFS. ...
A320 flybywire throttle setup - Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

In MSFS, an input preset is tied to an input device. The sim offers a default input preset for devices, but users can also create and customize additional ...
Peripheral Control Settings Overview and FAQ – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

Arm Auto Throttle: SHIFT + R Toggle Parking Brakes: CTRL + NUM DECIMAL
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls: Keyboard and controller list | PC Gamer