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It appears that the mouse wheel scrolling issue in Ubuntu can be solved by unplugging and reinserting the USB. 1 Additionally, a guide to improving the speed of the mouse scroll wheel is available, which involves installing imwheel and downloading a bash script from 2 Finally, users have suggested that the issue should be addressed, as Windows 10 is more usable and compatible with Linux. 3

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Summary You can just unplug the USB and insert it again. In most cases, this solves the mouse scrolling issues. I use Microsoft mouse and it works perfectly fine. The scrolling speed gets normal again after doing this.
How to solve mouse scrolling issue in Ubuntu? - Technowing

Summary This article provides a guide to improving the speed of the Ubuntu 20.04 mouse scroll wheel. It explains how to install imwheel and download the bash script from, and provides instructions on how to use it to adjust the wheel speed. It also provides comments and complaints from users who have tried the script.
Ubuntu 20.04 mouse scroll wheel speed - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Summary A user on the Ubuntu MATE Community has expressed their frustration with the lack of a comprehensive fix for the mouse wheel scroll speed, as well as the lack of support for Microsoft's mouse. Other users have suggested that the issue should be addressed, as Windows 10 is more usable and compatible with Linux. Finally, a user has suggested that the Ubuntu MATE community should be more active in the Linux community, as it is more user-friendly and compatible with other Linux distros.
Why I quit Ubuntu AGAIN :*( Mouse wheel scroll speed ) - Thoughts & Feedback - Ubuntu MATE Community

Mouse wheel used to scroll in Kate, used to change volume when hovering over volume ... Forum The Ubuntu Forum Community Ubuntu Official Flavours Support ...

When your mouse wheel isn't scrolling, there are two main causes and several fixes like replacing the batteries, cleaning it, and checking settings.
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Your Distribution version: Ubuntu 18.04 & 20.04 Your WSLg version: Windows Subsystem for ... Check if scroll-up/down of mouse wheel is working properly on the ...
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This article explains how to change the mouse scroll speed in Ubuntu. ... Imwheel is a tool by which you can change the behavior of the mouse wheel on a ...
How to Change Mouse Scroll Speed in Ubuntu

commands and their output, or include screen shots) Launch wsl terminal as Ubuntu from ... try scrolling with mouse wheel What's wrong / what should be ...
Mouse wheel doesn't scroll when terminal launched as "ubuntu" · Issue #137 · microsoft/terminal · GitHub

Ubuntu 22.10 » Ubuntu Desktop Guide » Hardware » Mouse » Ubuntu 22.10 » Ubuntu Desktop Guide » Settings » Mouse »
Click, drag, or scroll with the touchpad

As the title says, I want to increase the number of rows that are passed when I use the mouse wheel for scrolling. I know that there exists ways to do that for ...
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- How to Enable Mouse Wheel Scrolling in Ubuntu (VMware) Ubuntu…beside Default VI is suck , here is another issue for me. My mouse wheel scrolling is not ...
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