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The GPU dialect of MLIR provides abstractions for launching GPU kernels following a programming model similar to that of CUDA or OpenCL. 1 This allows developers to use MLIR to write programs for GPUs, leveraging the CUDA or OpenCL programming models. This provides a powerful tool for developers to write programs for GPUs using MLIR.

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Summary This dialect provides middle-level abstractions for launching GPU kernels following a programming model similar to that of CUDA or OpenCL.
'gpu' Dialect - MLIR

Also, we do not intend MLIR to be a source language that end-users would themselves write kernels in (analogous to CUDA C++). On the other hand, MLIR provides ...

mlir-cuda-runner has a problem,and its three testes is not passed.How to generate cuda code in Toy language?
can toy language generate cuda code? · Issue #321 · tensorflow/mlir · GitHub

Change mlir-cuda-runner to adopt the revised pass. Add new tests for lowering to ROCm HSA code object (HSACO). Tests for CUDA and ROCm are kept in separate ...
⚙ D80142 [mlir][gpu][mlir-cuda-runner] Refactor ConvertKernelFuncToCubin to be generic.

Hi, Can anyone give me instructions on how to build mlir-cuda-runner. I use the following building commands but no mlir-cuda-runner generated: $cmake -G Ninja ...
How to build "mlir-cuda-runner" - MLIR - LLVM Discussion Forums

[1732/1733] Running the MLIR regression tests FAIL: MLIR :: mlir-cuda-runner/all-reduce-op.mlir (362 of 364) ******************** TEST 'MLIR :: ...
three unexpected test failures:mlir-cuda-runner · Issue #323 · tensorflow/mlir · GitHub

Differential D74480 [MLIR][CUDA] Fix build file for mlir-cuda-runner Closed Public Actions Authored by herhut on Feb 12 2020, 5:38 AM. Edit Revision Update ...
⚙ D74480 [MLIR][CUDA] Fix build file for mlir-cuda-runner

This tool allows to execute MLIR IR snippets written in the GPU dialect on a CUDA capable GPU. For this to work, a working CUDA install is required and the...
Add an mlir-cuda-runner tool. (e8b21a75) · Commits · Roger Ferrer / llvm-epi-0.8 · GitLab

What is MLIR? MLIR is, at its heart, a flexible infrastructure for modern optimizing compilers. This means it consists of a specification for intermediate ...
MLIR: A new intermediate representation and compiler framework — The TensorFlow Blog

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I am compiling MLIR like this: cmake -G Ninja ../llvm \ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \ ... There was no error during the compilation. However, during the test, ...
'cuStreamSynchronize(stream)' failed with 'CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS' on MLIR CUDA regression test - MLIR - LLVM Discussion Forums