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It is possible to resolve common wireless issues such as clients not getting an IP address, SSIDs in bridge mode, DHCP server being unreachable, incorrect VLAN tags, SSIDs in NAT mode, and DHCP offers and requests. 1 To resolve the issue of Meraki Guest Wifi with no internet access, it is recommended to set the switch port to an 802.1Q trunk port. 2 Troubleshooting the issue may involve verifying one's account. 2

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Summary This post provides a solution to a Meraki Guest Wifi issue with no internet access. The solution involves setting the switch port to an 802.1Q trunk port, which is the correct setting per Meraki Guidelines. The post also provides advice on how to troubleshoot the issue and suggests verifying one's account to enable IT peers to see if they are a professional.
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Try to capture on the Meraki dashboard a .pcap file from a device with issues and see if it has dns requests without responses. Then try to capture the requests…
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Anyways, upon firmware upgrade on 3/5/2023 our televisions are not connected to the internet even though it is already connected to the network . We also tried using static IP but …
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The Internet Outages data in Meraki Insight is powered by Internet Insights from ThousandEyes, which leverages the collective intelligence of ThousandEyes agents across the globe performing analyses identifying internet -scale disruptions.
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The users can successfully connect to the vpn but are unable to access any web pages. Somes a few pages work but most of the time its unable to access…
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If Meraki is handing out Dhcp for LAN then the dns servers for that DHCP scope should be your AD if windows and actually ad should do dhcp and dns…
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Verizon Internet Dedicated Services with Meraki plus 4G LTE backup gives you automatic backup powered by the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network .*. Available with 1 Gbps of data; up…
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All was working fine for several months, then began to see complaints that though WiFi connection is made " no internet access" message show & nothing works for 5-10 minutes then…
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To do that, click on Start menu and find Network and Sharing Center. Once the network window opens, then click on Change Adapter Options. On the Network Connections window, right-click…
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The Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions v1.0 ( ECMS 500-220) is a 90-minute exam associated with the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills to engineer…
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