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The mental load is an invisible labor involved in managing a household and family, which typically falls on women's shoulders. 1 It is also referred to as "worry work" or "cognitive labor" and is about overseeing tasks rather than doing them. 1 To reduce the mental load, it is important to start a discussion about the invisible tasks, delegate work, and practice self-care. 2

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Summary The mental load is a term for the invisible labor involved in managing a household and family, which typically falls on women's shoulders 1 . Also sometimes referred to as "worry work" or "cognitive labor," the mental load is about not the physical tasks but rather the overseeing of those tasks
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How to deal with mental load 1. Start the discussion. Discuss your concerns about handling most, if not all, of the invisible tasks. In the... 2. Delegate. Don’t try to…
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Common examples of mental load Childcare. Facing an upcoming deadline for an important work project, you ask your partner to quietly entertain the kids... Cleaning up. You return to see…
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“The mental load is that thread that brings the family into your work life,” says Leah Ruppanner, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Melbourne and author of…
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The French comic artist Emma illustrates the concept of the ‘ mental load ’. When a man expects his partner to ask him to do things, he is viewing her as the…
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Both terms describe a constant, thrumming, low-level anxiety over the health and well-being of your children, and women tend to do more of the worry work than men do. It’s…
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How does the mental load operate? 1) Make the mental load more visible by quantifying it We have no robust, standardized and nationally representative... 2) Acknowledge the toll on women…
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This invisible work is known as the mental load , which is a term for the effort required in managing a household and family. Cassidy Duhdway from Purple Sky Counseling joined…
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Researchers found that the mental load is a unique component of household management that involves "anticipating needs, identifying options for filling them, making decisions, and monitoring...
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Mental load is the everyday thinking required to keep your life on track. It is the invisible cognitive workout behind everything you do. At home, at school, or on the…
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