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Most medical schools dedicate the first two years to classroom and laboratory instruction, which often includes clinical rotations and the teaching of basic sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology, pathology, and pharmacology with a strong clinical correlation. 1 During the first year (MS1 or M1), students experience a radical transition as they adjust to the rigors of medical school. 2 The second year (MS2 or M2) is marked by tension as students prepare for Step 1. 2 Third year (MS3 or M3) is an adjustment for everyone as they begin their clinical years. 2 Finally, fourth year (MS4 or M4) is often seen as a dream, although some students find it challenging. 2

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Summary Most medical schools devote the first 2 years to classroom and laboratory instruction. Many provide clinical rotations and/or teach the basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology, pathology, and pharmacology) with a strong clinical correlation.
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Summary (MS1 or M1) The first year will be the most radical transition for most students. Gone are the days of college, and now the rigors of medical school are thrust upon you. (MS2 or M2) Historically, MS2 starts with an uneasy tension that will grow and expand for the rest of the year. That tension is because of one thing and one thing only—Step 1. (MS3 or M3) Most students love third year, and some students hate it. It’s an adjustment for everyone. Third year marks the beginning of your clinical years. (MS4 or M4) Finally, MS4, the promised land! Hold your horses. Many people say that fourth year is a dream, and that everything is smooth sailing.
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The first two years of medical school focus on developing foundational science knowledge and integrating that knowledge with clinical skills. Phase 1 courses are designed to advance competency in medical …
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Years 1 and 2 : Pre-Clinical Coursework The first two years of medical school will be spent focused on science training. The time may be split between listening to lectures in…
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What to expect in medical school: The four-year MD curriculum. Four-year MD programs are generally split into two primary sections, with the first two years spent covering the basic sciences…
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In the first year you will develop a solid foundation in the basic, clinical and health system sciences that you will subsequently build on during your clinical years. Seetha U.…
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the NHSC Scholarship Program. One of my personal goals is to inspire more medical students & other health care professionals to pursue primary care and/or serve underserved populations. However, the…
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Year 1 and 2 Courses The first 2 (pre-clinical) years of medical training have been compared to the experience of ‘drinking water from a fire hose.’ While a fitting metaphor,…
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Summer global health opportunities for medical students between Year 1 and 2 The summer break between the first and second years provides an excellent opportunity for Global Health-related activities. Students…
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Many medical schools organize their training into two parts: pre-clinical and clinical. In a traditional four-year curriculum, the pre-clinical phase includes two years of science training when you learn about…
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Medical schools look at 2 GPAs of the matriculants: the total GPA and the science GPA. You stand a chance in the admissions process if your total GPA is higher…
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