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The median income is the income level in the middle of a list of ranked incomes. 1 The median household income in the United States is $86,738 2 , with the highest median household income in the District of Columbia at $92,266. 3 The median income may differ from the mean (or average) income. 4 The most educated states in the U.S. have the highest median household incomes, with Massachusetts at $85,843 3 , and New Jersey at $85,751. 3

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Summary The Status of Women in the States provides data on women's progress in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States overall, which can be used to raise awareness, improve policies, and promote women's equality. The data is sourced from the American Community Survey microdata and is used to promote women's equality. IWPR is also calling on Congress to enact the PRO Act, which provides stronger employer-sponsored benefits for women in unions and better wages for men.
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Mississippi has the lowest median household income, and Maryland has the highest. See median income by state.
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The median income is the income amount that divides a population into two equal groups, half having an income above that amount, and half having an income below that amount. …
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2018 Median Household Income in the United States September 26, 2019 Explore data related to income using the 2018 ACS 1-year estimates through an interactive state map. Income and Poverty…
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The Census Bureau calculated estimates of median income and associated standard errors for 1979 through 1987 using Pareto interpolation if the estimate was larger than $20,000 for people or $40,000…
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Median income is a metric used to identify the midpoint of a given nation’s income distribution. Half of a country’s residents earn an income that is higher than the median, …
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Median household income : $93,547 (2021) 16 Population: 670,000 (2021) 17 Unemployment rate: 4.8% (October 2022) 18 Poverty rate: 16.5% (2021) 19 The District of Columbia is not a state, of...
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