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An excellent alternative for the machine high row is the barbell high pull, which uses the same muscle group and involves help from the lower body. 1 Other alternatives include the kneeling cable high row, single cable high row, seated cable high row, and T-bar row. 2 3 The face pull is also a good exercise to target the trapezius muscles, upper lats, and rhomboids. 4 The Rocky Pullup is another alternative. 5

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Summary The upright row is a free-weight exercise that targets the lateral deltoids, upper traps, rhomboids, and biceps. This article provides 8 of the best upright row alternatives, such as the barbell high pull, seated muscle snatch, seated row row, and overhead row, which all target the same muscle groups. These alternatives include the barbell high pull, seated muscle snatch, overhead row, and overhead row, all of which involve humeral abduction and scapular elevation to target the same muscle groups.
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I've seen guys in videos using a hammer strength high row machine, if one of these is not ... 11:27 AM #1 zinghigh89 Registered User high row alternative I've ...
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Variants of the High Row 1. Barbell High Row The barbell high row is the free weight counterpart of the high row machine, wherein instead of the... 2. Kneeling Cable…
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9 Effective High Row Machine Alternatives 1. Standing High Cable Row. The standing high cable row moves your arms through a similar movement angle as the Hammer... 2. Kneeling Machine …
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When performed correctly, this exercise is a great back and rear delt builder that is an effective alternative to the row . It also doesn't require heavy weight to achieve great…
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High Row Machine Alternative on Cables 1. Kneeling Cable High Row The kneeling cable high row involves setting the pulley to a higher angle. Then you kneel in... 2. Single…
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Here are the top high row alternatives . KNEELING HIGH CABLE ROW The movement with the most similar motion is the kneeling high cable row . To do this movement, you’ll want…
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