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It is possible to batch resize images on a Mac using Preview and Automator. Dragging the images onto the app icon on the Dock will convert and resize them in a few seconds or minutes, depending on the number and size of the images and the speed of the Mac. 1 Automator can also be used to resize images in just a few clicks, even without coding skills. 2 Additionally, the Scale Images action can be used to prevent accidental resizing. 2

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Summary Resizing an image is the process of changing its size by decreasing or increasing the total number of pixels. Mac computers come with two preinstalled image resizing software that are easy to use: Preview and Automator. Preview is a powerful yet easy-to-use software that is designed to resize multiple images in one fell swoop, while Automator allows users to resize images in just a few clicks even if they don't have coding skills.
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Summary To convert and resize a batch of images, select the image files and drag them onto the app icon on the Dock. Depending on the number and size of the selected images and the speed of your Mac, after a few seconds or minutes, you'll have a new folder on your Desktop containing the converted and resized images.
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Summary In the search box at the top of the left pane, type “Scale Images” and then drag the “Scale Images” action into the main panel. Automator will prompt you to add a block to copy files over before resizing, which is handy to prevent accidental resizing, such as missing a 0 and losing all the image quality.
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Here is how to reduce JPEG file size in Preview: Go to Applications and launch the Preview app Click on File Open Navigate to the photo you want to compress…
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When you are in Preview, click on “Edit” and then choose “Select All”. After all the pictures are selected, head up to “Tools” and select “Adjust Size”. Select the “Scale…
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How to batch resize pictures on Mac using Preview. 1) Select all the images you want to resize. 2) Right-click on them and select Open With > Preview. 3) In…
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Squash 3 offers a way to quickly batch convert, and resize images. But that's not all, apply layered watermarks and filters, rename files, remove or edit private metadata, and so…
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AppleInsider walks through how to batch process the photographs and other graphics to fit ... as $499, OWC's Mac blowout sale features savings of up to 50% ...
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