load logic pro session with all plugins disabled


To load a Logic Pro session with all plugins disabled, hold the shift key while clicking the “Open” button when opening the session. 1 2 This will bypass and remove the plug-ins, and can fix any issues with Logic Pro or MainStage. 1 If the plug-in isn't available, restart your Mac and confirm that it is installed. 1 If you're having an issue with Logic Pro or MainStage, you can try reinstalling it or checking with the manufacturer for an update. 1

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Start Logic while holding Shift + CTRL keys on your mac keyboard. This will run Logic in Audio Units Safe mode ,and will load only the Audio Units that have…
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Summary To load a session with plug-ins inactive, use the “Open Session” command (or hit command+O [Mac]/control+O [Windows]). Select the session you would like to open, then hold the shift key while clicking the “Open” button.
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Install the plugins and/or updates necessary for your license(s)-Perpetual: Only install the plugins you've purchased. If you install a product you don't have a license for, you'll be asked for…
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Nothing is perfect and no matter how carefully you manage your system, sometimes you’ll find a session you are trying to open just won’t play nice. Pro ...
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