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To force close a program in Linux, users can click the X button in the top corner of the window 1 , use the System Monitor app 2 , or use the xkill, pkill, kill, or killall commands. 2 Additionally, the System Monitor app can be used to force close any non-responding programs. 2

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Summary Simply click the X button in the top corner (left or right, depending on your Linux operating system). This should stop the program dead in its tracks. You might see a dialog box, asking you to Wait or Force Quit to end it now.
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If you have an application that is not responding on Linux, you need to terminate it, ... going to work, as this command is not actually killing the process, ...
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We're going to cover the best methods to kill non-responsive apps on Linux system. One of ... You can get the unresponsive process ID using the following ...
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Summary When a program stops responding in Ubuntu, users have several options to force close it, such as using the System Monitor app, the xkill command, or the terminal. The xkill command is easy to use and requires the xkill package to be installed, while the pkill, kill, or killall commands will terminate any single process running on the PC. Additionally, the System Monitor app can be used to force close any non-responding programs, such as Google Chrome.
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At that point, Windows users would open their Task Manager to get rid of the frozen process. There is no built-in Task Manager in Linux, but there is a command ...
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Learn how to force kill process on the Linux operating system using the pkill, killall and kill command line options using PID or application name.
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This guide highlights 5 ways to kill non-responsive Linux programs and applications, ... The first method is to use the ps and kill commands. The advantage of ...
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Learn the easiest ways to detect and quit sluggish apps and hidden processes. ... How to kill process using Activity Monitor
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There are several ways to kill a process in Ubuntu/Linux, discover the quickest way to force kill any unresponsive program in 3 quick actions. Applicable to ...
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Linux has its own ways of “killing” those misbehaving processes, whether they’re ... If an application isn’t responding, a desktop with a compositiong ...
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its client which results into killing of client by its X resource without passing process ... How do we kill a resource/process in Linux? Obviously we find ...
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