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It is possible to change the view mode of a Calc sheet separately, as suggested by Alex Kemp. 1 In Impress, users can choose to always start a show from the current slide. 2 The Presenter Console has two modes: Normal and Notes. 3 In Normal mode, the current slide is displayed on the left and the next slide on the right. In Notes mode, the current slide is displayed on the left, the slides notes on the right and the next slide below the current slide.

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Summary This feature request is for the ability to define the view mode separately for each sheet in a Calc document, which would allow users to switch between the two view modes based on their needs. The proposed solution is to open a second view of the document via menu Windows > New Window, which would allow one window to be in Normal View and the other in Print View. The feature request was eventually accepted by Alex Kemp, who suggested a solution based on user code.
Different "View" modes for Calc sheets? [closed] - Ask LibreOffice

Summary You can change these settings. If you want all shows to start from the current slide instead of the first slide, choose Tools - Options' - LibreOffice Impress - General' and click Always with current page . Press Esc to abort the show before the end. Many more keys are available to control a slide show .
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Microsoft Word has a read mode which displays two pages side by side on the screen. Is ... View > Status Bar will display the status on the bottom of the ...
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Summary The Normal mode shows the current slide on the left and the next slide on the right of the computer display. The Notes mode displays the current slide on the left, the slides notes on the right and the next slide below the current slide.
Using the Presenter Console

Description Jathan 2013-03-28 05:09:24 UTC Problem description: I can not set LibreOffice in read-only mode by default in Writer, Impress or Calc, for work ...
62845 – Option for "Document Viewer Mode" (read-only mode by default) required.

This tutorial shows you how you can enable dark mode in LibreOffice Calc, Writer, ... If everything works well, you will see the Writer or Calc like below.
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You can change that. If you want to go complete dark mode with LibreOffice, you just have to change a few settings. Let me show you how to do that.
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I've tried all sorts of workarounds over the years, including a macro that forces LibreOffice into presenter mode , which I never was able to figure out how to ... :: Presenter mode in LibreOffice Impress without an external display

Slide show runs in the LibreOffice program window. Restarts the slide show after the pause interval you specify. A pause slide is displayed between the final ...
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How can I change the page layout to show 1 page in the center of the screen and then scroll down to other pages, rather than two side by side? By default, with ...
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