left arrow button not working on laptop


Arrow keys not working on a laptop can be caused by a faulty driver, a jammed key, the cursor being turned off, num lock being activated, scroll lock being activated, or the keyboard needing to be replaced. 1 To fix the issue, one can try disabling the Scroll Lock key 2 , turning on and off the Sticky Key 2 , cleaning the arrow keys up and down 3 , deactivating Number Lock (Num Lock) 3 , or replacing the keyboard. 1

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Summary This post provides two workarounds for arrow keys not working in Excel, which can be caused by the Scroll key locking. The first fix is to disable the Scroll Lock key, while the second is to turn on and turn off the Sticky Key. Additionally, the post provides a link to a article about Alt Tab not working on Windows 10.
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Summary There are a few things that could cause arrow keys to stop working. These include a faulty driver, a jammed key, the cursor is turned off, num lock is activated, scroll lock is activated, or the obvious answer, the keyboard needs to be replaced.
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Summary This article provides instructions on how to fix malfunctioning arrow keys on a computer, particularly in Microsoft Excel. It suggests turning off the Scroll Lock button if the keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, or cleaning the arrow keys up and down. Additionally, it provides related topics such as how to fix numbers instead of letters, how to deactivate Number Lock (Num Lock), and how to type numbers instead of letters.
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Summary A user on Tom's Hardware Forum is having trouble with their left arrow key not working. They have tried uninstalling all the drivers related to their keyboard, doing a clean boot, checking the Corsair software, and disabling Microsoft services. After doing these steps, the left arrow key worked for a while, but the user was unable to find the cause.
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If your arrow keys are not working in Excel, there are a few simple ways to troubleshoot ... going from cell to cell by pressing the up, down, left, and right ...
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