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ePub files can be read natively by a variety of devices, while MOBI is primarily only compatible with Kindle devices. It is now recommended to use EPUB for Amazon, as it provides all the functions that MOBI used to provide. 1 2

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Summary An author might still use the MOBI format for a book if they were comfortable with the old format. But nowadays, it’s better to use EPUB, as that is the newly recommended file format for Amazon. You should not use MOBI files. All of the functions that the MOBI used to provide can now be found with the EPUB.
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The Send to Kindle app should soon let you send ePub files directly to your Kindle, ... Amazon elected to support other file formats, including .Mobi, which ...
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What Is The Difference Between EPUB VS Mobi? Read our 2020 updated blog post which ... supported across all platforms whilst MOBI is predominantly a Kindle ...
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As of 2022, Amazon discontinued its use of the AZN and MOBI formats, encouraging users to upload EPUB files to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).
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Your Kindle isn't just restricted to reading books from Amazon. Here's how to convert ... Using a bit of free software, you can take ebooks in the EPUB, Mobi, ...
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We support fixed format books in MOBI that meet the specifications outlined in the Kindle Publishing Guidelines. For reflowable eBooks, upload a EPUB, DOCX, or ...
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in the world of ebook files for their requirement of MOBI files. But Amazon just announced that to simplify the uploading process, they will begin using EPUB ...
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There are 3 main file formats for e-readers: MOBI, EPUB and PDF. What's the difference? ... convert an ePub into a .MOBI file so that it can work on a Kindle ...
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Epub vs MOBI. This post tells you which format to use for your ebook, why it’s the right choice, and how to format it to look great across every Kindle ...
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