is it true that microsoft is working on windows 12


According to Deskmodder 1 and PCMAG 2 , Microsoft is either about to start working on Windows 12 or is already building a new version of the operating system, and may be releasing it in 2024.

According to

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Summary Deskmodder says it has sources within Microsoft that have confirmed that the company is either about to start working on Windows 12 or is already building a new version of the operating system.
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Summary Microsoft is reportedly returning to its old scheme of one major Windows release every three years and new features in the interim, which could mean Windows 12 is on the horizon for 2024.
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Microsoft could be getting ready to release Windows 12 in 2024. The software maker is reportedly returning to a three-year release cycle for future versions of Windows .
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Microsoft plans to drop part of the old foundation of Windows that is part of all versions of the operating system, including Windows 11. Windows 12 will require a Microsoft …
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As you may remember, upcoming builds of Windows 11 Professional, like the current Insider Preview and the Home Edition, will require a Microsoft account and can no longer be installed…
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Windows 10 is Oct. 2025 EOL. The first date that is relevant for many users – and decision makers in companies – is in 2025. Microsoft has set the end…
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156K subscribers Windows 12 Under Development Leaks Suggest Microsoft working on the next version of windows is it true ? Windows 11 is just released even not rollout complete but...
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Microsoft are currently working on a new version of Windows 11, they have no intention of releasing a version of Windows 12, it is just an Internet myth. If they…
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So does this mean that Windows 12 is a complete hoax? The answer to that question is not as straightforward as you might imagine. Believe it or not, Windows 12 …
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We don't work for MS. We're normal users like you. There is no OS called Windows 12 . MS will or will not release it after a long time. Until then,…
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Windows 10 was meant to be our lot. Then Windows 11 stormed in, arms flailing. And just when we thought Microsoft was through churning out new operating systems, rumours have…
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