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It appears that websites can be checked to determine if they are down or not. According to Is It Down Right Now? 1 and Downdetector 2 , there are tools available that can be used to check the status of popular websites. These tools can be added to the user's toolbar to check the status of a website.

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Summary We tell you when your favorite services are down or having problems.

This site checks if a website is down for everyone or just you. For example, if you can’t load or login to Facebook you can check if Facebook is down …
Is it down? Check at Down for Everyone or Just Me

When you enter a URL, ‘is it down’ tool performs a status check from five global locations and instantly shows you the website’s availability with its response time from each…
Is it down? Check the status of any website around the world - Freshworks

Status Check. CurrentlyDown lets you check whether a website is working at the moment or not. If a website is not loading, we'll let you know if it's down for…
Websites Monitoring and Outage History | CurrentlyDown
favIcon proud its services. We provide easiest way to researchers, or website visitors to instantly check free website status whether their required site is down for them or down for…
Check Website Status — Is It Down? |

Frequently Asked Questions. Q: Why Are You Showing A Different Answer To Another Tool? A: Most very big websites – like NetFlix or Amazon – serve their website via multiple… Is It Down Or Just Me? Find out at

Just in case, if it’s your website, you might want to contact your web hosting provider immediately. This is where IsItDownOrJustMe tool comes to play. IsItDownOrJustMe (Is It Down Or…
Is It Down Or Just Me - Check If A Website Down or Not?

A simple tool to check if a website or ip address is up or down .
Is it up?

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Microsoft 365 Service health status

User reports indicate no current problems at AT&T. AT&T offers local and long distance phone service, broadband internet and mobile phone services to individuals and businesses. Television service is available…
AT&T outage or service down? Current problems and outages