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A tolerance break can last as long as one sees fit 1 , and three to four weeks is usually the right amount of time for an expert-level cannabis consumer to reset their body's sensitivity to THC and other cannabinoids. 2 It is important to consult a physician if one is experiencing tolerance issues. 1

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Summary A tolerance break is a period of time to abstain from marijuana in order to reset the body's sensitivity to THC and other cannabinoids. This is done by the body's endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the reactions created in our bodies when cannabis is consumed. Self-imposed tolerance breaks can last as long as one sees fit, and it is important to consult a physician if one is experiencing tolerance issues.
How Long Should a Marijuana Tolerance Break Be? | PotGuide

Summary For expert-level cannabis consumers , you’ll want your tolerance break to last about three to four weeks. As you may have already read, if you’ve ever had to pass a drug test, abstaining from any form of THC for about three weeks is usually the right amount of time for your urine to get the all-clear.
Tolerance Break Duration Times from Beginner to Expert

You'll probably never get back that high you got early on, no matter how long of a break you take. A break will increase your high but it just won't…
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In most cases, taking a T break for a week or two will reset your tolerance . If that’s not an option, consider switching to products that are lower in THC…
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Occasional cannabis users can probably get away with a tolerance break of about 2- 3 weeks . But, t-breaks take quite a while longer for frequent and daily users; specifically, around a …
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When to Take a Marijuana Tolerance Break? When you reach the point where almost no amount of cannabis can get you high enough, it’s time to take a break and…
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After a week of THC exposure, the THC injections stopped, and the rate of recovery was measured. Behavior normalized in less than two weeks , and tolerance to THC’s sedative effect…
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3 Day Tolerance Break If you’re a regular THC user, you may want to give yourself at least three days. You’ll want to give yourself two full days for your…
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The tolerance gap helps the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to replace themselves. The research proposes that the brain starts filling CB1 receptors after two days of skipping THC. This…
Cannabis Tolerance Break - 7 Essential Steps and After Effects

Week - long tolerance breaks should come after at least a month of steady smoking. If you've been going at it for 2- 3 weeks , three days should do it for you. To…
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If you use cannabis, at some point you should take a tolerance break. Like anything else, your body builds up a tolerance: you need more to get high. A t-break…
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It could be time to take a tolerance break . A “ tolerance break ” — at least from smoking — will support your respiration, soothe any irritation, and restore the damage in…
A Complete Guide on Taking Cannabis Tolerance Breaks