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Most cases of slow charging on an iPhone are due to software-related factors, such as erratic apps and corrupt charging system on the phone. 1 To improve the lifespan of the battery, users can enable Optimized Battery Charging, which uses on-device machine learning to learn user daily charging habits. 2 Additionally, a foreign object blocking the lightning port can also cause slow charging, and can be easily removed. 3

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Summary Most of the time, an iPhone charges slowly for one of two reasons: Apple’s iPad charger is 2.1 amps, and that’s the maximum amperage Apple says you should put into your iPhone. Many fast chargers are higher than 2.1 amps, because other devices can handle it safely — iPhones can’t. We’ve hand-selected three
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Summary Many cases of charging problems are attributed to a defective charger, charging port or charging cable in use. But contrary to the common thoughts, most charging problems on an iPhone are due to software-related factors including erratic apps and corrupt charging system on the phone.
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Summary Optimized Battery Charging is a feature on iPhones with iOS 13 and later that uses on-device machine learning to learn user daily charging habits to improve the lifespan of the battery. This feature is designed to reduce the wear on the battery and improve its lifespan by reducing the time it spends fully charged. To activate Optimized Battery Charging, users must enable certain location settings and have at least 14 days to learn their charging habits.
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Summary Your iPhone or iPad might not be charging properly due to a foreign object blocking Apple’s reversible lightning port — this can be a simple clog like lint, dust, or debris collected from your pockets or living space. It’s easy to get remove a clog from your iPhone or iPad's lightning port.
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