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Subinterfaces are virtual interfaces created by dividing one physical interface into multiple logical interfaces. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as assigning a different IP address to each subinterface and creating multiple broadcast domains on a single physical interface. 1 To configure a subinterface, an interface number and a tag need to be assigned, with the tag matching the VLAN exactly. 2 The interface should then be added to the 'default' Virtual Router and assigned to the 'trust' Security Zone. 2

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Summary A subinterface is a virtual interface created by dividing one physical interface into multiple logical interfaces. A sub-interface in a Cisco Router uses the parent physical interface for sending and receiving data. Subinterfaces are used for a variety of purposes.
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Summary In the subinterface configuration, we need to assign an interface number and a tag. The tag needs to match the VLAN exactly, but the interface number may be different. For ease of management, it's best to set it the same id as the VLAN tag. Add the interface to the 'default' Virtual Router and assign it to the 'trust' Security Zone.
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Sub-interface is used when you connect f0/1 with the trunk port. It means you have to create vlans there. Sub-interface will then route traffic between vlans. That's why it asks…
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The subinterface shouldn't be configured there, but for now we can't remove that. The problem is that the hosts connected to the L2 are not getting IP from the DHCP…
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The VLANs over IP Unnumbered Subinterfaces feature supports the following functions: Allocating peer IP address through DHCP. Configuring IP unnumbered interface support for a range of VLAN subinterfaces. Configuring service…
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Finally, we see assignment of IP addresses for each sub-interface. These same IP addresses will be configured on each host and will act as the default gateway . That is,…
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The ip address interface-specific configuration command is used to assign an IP address to a subinterface. Here is the ip address command syntax: ip address <IP-address> <subnet-mask> The parameter options…
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Select a Parent Interface and Create a Sub-Interface with a VLAN ID, click MANAGE , navigate to Network | Interfaces. In the Select Interface drop-down option, select Virtual Interface, you…
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The IP address for each subinterface should be in a different subnet from any other subinterface on the parent interface. You create a subinterface with a name that consists of…
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Layer 2 Subinterfaces A Layer 2 subinterface is a logical bridging endpoint associated with traffic on an interface distinguished by 802.1Q tags, where each interface, 802.1q tag tuple is treated…
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Sub-interfaces are multiple logical interfaces configured on a main interface to allow the main interface to communicate with multiple remote interfaces. Sub-interfaces can share physical layer parameters of their main…
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