how was the term christian used in antioch


The term "Christian" was first used in Antioch to refer to followers of Jesus Christ. This is evidenced by Acts 11:26, which states that "in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians". 1 The term was used to describe those who had the "manner and spiritual character proper to a follower of Christ". 2 It was also used to refer to the name given to a person at their christening. 2

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Summary The early church was called “Christians” by the powers-that-be for the first time in Antioch (Acts 11:26). It wasn’t a name Jesus’ disciples gave themselves — it was a name given to them by the society in Antioch.
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Summary First used in Antioch, according to Acts xi.25-26: Meaning "having the manner and spiritual character proper to a follower of Christ" is from 1590s (continuing a sense in the Middle English word). Christian name , that given at christening, is from 1540s (also continuing a sense from Middle English Cristen
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Christian: Origin. The term was first used in the Book of Acts, stating, “The followers were first called Christians in Antioch.” [Book of Acts 11:26] There was no unique term …
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During the reign of the Roman emperor Julian, which was called the Apostate (363-363 AD), the population often used nicknames to characterize certain groups of people. When the new Gentile…
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There was a further reason why the Antioch Jews would not have called the disciples of Jesus by the name of Christians. The word "Christ" has the same meaning with…
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The followers of Jesus Christ were first referred to as “Christians” by the Gentiles of Syrian Antioch, and the name was more than likely meant as an insult (see Acts…
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In Antioch, the followers of Christ were called, probably out of mockery, Christians for the first time. The Jews of Antioch who were converted to Christianity were divided into two…
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Secondly, we see that, if we were referred to by the name Christian first in Antioch , it was a term that was quickly picked up by others, even important people…
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Members of the early church were called “Christians” for the first time, according to the book of Acts (Cf. Acts 11:26), in Antioch . T he other two moments in which…
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The term Christian was used for the first time by Tertullian in around 197 AD. He used it to describe those who followed Jesus Christ. The word Christian comes from…
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