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To use Neeva, create a free account with your email address, password, or existing Apple, Microsoft or Google account. 1 Then, install the Neeva extension for your browser or mobile app for iPhone. 2 3 To make Neeva your default search engine in Chrome, go to chrome://settings/searchEngines, type “Neeva” in the search box, click the three dots to the right of the line associated with Neeva and choose “Make Default”. 1 If Neeva is not an option, click “Add” to the right of “Other search engines”. 1

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Summary After signing up for Neeva (we go over that a bit more in the user experience section), you can either use the search engine on or download an extension for your browser, as well as a mobile app if you have an iPhone. The extension says that it gives you more protection online by blocking trackers.
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Neeva. The Basics Everything you need to get started with Neeva! My Account Personalize Neeva and make it your own! Features Get the most out of your Neeva experience!

Summary In Chrome, go to chrome://settings/searchEngines and type “Neeva” in the small search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, click the three dots to the right of the line associated with Neeva and choose “Make Default.” If you don't see Neeva as an option, just click Add to the right of Other search engines .
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If you've got an iOS device, you can download our app to access Neeva. For more information, click here. To access Neeva on your Android device, you can download our…
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Neeva makes it easy for you to sign up for its service by using Single Sign On from Google, Apple, or Microsoft. There's also a handy "Apps" tab on the…
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The Search browser extension, available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, is a version of our extension that offers the ability to easily save items to your Spaces and allows Neeva …
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Neeva has built one of the largest independent search stacks crawling hundreds of millions of pages a day, an index with billions, and we’re fine tuning that stack with cutting…
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