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It is possible to throw a runtime error in C++ by using the std::runtime_error type of object. This type of object is thrown as an exception and reports errors that are due to events beyond the scope of the program and can not be easily predicted. 1 The std::runtime_error type of object is used by the standard library components std::locale::locale and std::locale::combine. 1

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Summary < cpp ‎ | error Defines a type of object to be thrown as exception. It reports errors that are due to events beyond the scope of the program and can not be easily predicted. Exceptions of type std::runtime_error are thrown by the following standard library components: std::locale::locale and std::locale::combine .
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and it inherits from "std::exception", which provides the virtual "what" method to return a description of the error. You can actually throw any C++ object, ...
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than pointer to (cv-qualified) void, the throw-expression is a compile-time error. If the type of expression is a class type, its copy /move (since C++11) ...
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and well-defined way for detecting errors. Learn more about throwing exceptions in C++ ... the preferred way to report and handle both logic and runtime ...
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Apache C++ Standard Library User's Guide This following example program demonstrates the use of exceptions:
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statement in error is not called, and the cout statement in error_test1 is also not called. That’s because throw breaks the normal sequence of flow in C++, ...
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error? You throw an exception. That’s the basis of RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization), which is the basis of some of the most effective modern C++ ...
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One of the advantages of C++ over C is Exception Handling. Exceptions are runtime anomalies or abnormal conditions that a program encounters during its ...
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We will learn about try, catch and throw and thier usage in C++ with code examples for ... The above program will not run, and will show runtime error on ...
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For C users, this error will be generated if the main() method does not have a return 0 statement. Java /C++ users could generate this error if they throw an ...
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Handling - An exception is a problem that arises during the execution of a program. A C++ ... handling is built upon three keywords: try, catch, and throw .
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