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It is possible to setup Windows 11 without internet access. To do so, press Shift + F10 and type in taskmgr.exe in the command prompt. Then, look for the process 'Network connection flow' and end it. 1 2 This will allow you to proceed to the next setup page and enter the local account name. 1

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Here's the solution. Basically get past OOBE until you get to the Wi-Fi screen. Press Shift + F10 to open cmd. If you have a laptop, press Shift + Fn…
Here's how to set up Windows 11 WITHOUT a internet connection.

Summary If it's not possible, on the network connect screen, press Shift + F10 and then type in taskmgr.exe. Once the task manager is running, look for the process 'Network connection flow' and end it. The network connect screen will go away and you'll be presented with the next setup page (entering the local account name).
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Summary hit shift + F10 to open cmd type TASKMGR find networkconnectionflow.exe and end its task and you can install it without internet.
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Welcome to my Website “”. The blog of a computer enthusiast who shares news, tutorials, tips, online tools and software for Windows, ...
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You can install Windows 11 on a computer without Internet Connection by following the easy workaround outlined in this post.
How to install Windows 11 without an Internet Connection