how to search from a limited set of websites without using google dorking or programmable search engines


You can search from a limited set of websites without using Google Dorking or programmable search engines by using the search bar in your browser or a search engine of your choice. Precede your query with "site:" followed by the domain of the site you want to search within. You can also add a date if desired by typing " Topic Year". 1 2

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Summary Head to your search engine of choice, or the search bar in your browser, then type what you want to find, just like you normally would. But here’s the trick: before or after your query, type site: followed by the domain of the site you want to search within.
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Adding and excluding pages or sites from your search engine follow the same ... Getting started with Programmable Search Engine
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On your computer, do a search on . Below the search box, select the type of results: All, Images, Videos, or Books. For more search options, to the right of …
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Set your default search engine . On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More Settings. Click Search engine. Next to " Search engine used in the address bar," click…
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Go to Google and type Type site: into the search bar. Type in the website's address without the www prefix. Press space and enter your search terms. Using the Chrome…
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Dorking can be employed across various search engines , not just on Google . In everyday use, search engines like Google , Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo accept a search term, or a string…
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Step 1: Change your search provider to Google Click the down arrow on the left side of the search box. Then select Google from the drop down menu.
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If you find sensitive content exposed, request its removal by using Google Search Console. Block sensitive content by using a robots.txt file located in your root-level website directory. Using robots.txt…
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As a webmaster, you have to set up specific defensive countermeasures to tackle Google Dorking . A very straightforward approach would be to add a robots.txt file and disallow access to …
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He labeled them Google dorks. Simple Google Dorking can be used to find hidden information on Google which is a bit hard to find normally. Complex Google Dorking is used…
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Google Dorking or Google hacking refers to using Google search techniques to hack into vulnerable sites or search for information that is not available in public search results. The Google …
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Don't want to learn all these modifiers? You can use them in an advanced Google search . From the Google results page, click the gear icon and choose Advanced search to …
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