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To search a particular Twitter account, first enter the phrase "from:" followed by the account name into the search bar on Then click "Search" to see all mentions, tweets, and media from the account. 1 2 To refine the search results, click "Advanced search" located underneath Search filters on the upper right of the results page, or click "More options" and then click "Advanced search". 1 Fill in the appropriate fields to further narrow down the search results. 1

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Summary Enter your search into the search bar on Click Advanced search , located underneath Search filters on the upper right of your results page, or click More options and then click Advanced search. Fill in the appropriate fields to refine your search results (see below for some helpful tips). Click Search to see your results
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Summary First, go to your search bar and type in the phrase, "from:," followed by the account name. Click "Search," and then you will have all mentions, tweets, and media from the account you searched.
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Example: @Twitter · sent in reply to @Twitter Example: @SFBART @Caltrain · mentions @SFBART or mentions @Caltrain

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