how to keep track of all my parents health care information


Keeping track of your parents' health care information is important for their overall health and can be helpful in an emergency. It is recommended to create a doctor directory, keep test results, insurance forms, and legal documents. 1 Additionally, it is suggested to record a health goal, log symptoms and side effects, take advantage of technology, and keep copies of medical results and key medical records. 2 It is important to track the health information of blood relatives, back two to three generations, from both your mother's and father's families. 3 Specific diseases and conditions to record include Alzheimer's disease, psoriasis, breast cancer, and other common health problems that may be inherited. 3

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Summary Medical records can be an important part of a person's overall health, and it can be helpful for health care providers to see their picture in an emergency. Johns Hopkins geriatric medicine physician Alicia Arbaje provides tips on how to organize medical records, such as creating a doctor directory, keeping test results, insurance forms, and legal documents. Additionally, she suggests recording a health goal, logging symptoms and side effects, taking advantage of technology, and keeping copies of medical records.
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Summary This post explains why it is important to keep copies of medical results and key medical records, which kinds of medical information are most useful to keep, and how caregivers can do this. The most useful types of medical information to keep copies of include laboratory results, radiology results, cardiac tests, pathology reports, and hospital discharge summaries. Caregivers can use a journal/notebook, portable medication list, organizer, and personal/family task organizer to keep copies of medical results and key medical records.
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The old-fashioned way to track health information is with hard (paper) copies of your medical records. You’ll need to request them and then pick them up in a provider’s office…
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Family health history; Your parent ’s health history, including surgeries, allergies, diseases or illnesses, and diagnoses; Insurance information ; A list of prescriptions and over-the-counter supplements or medications; Keep the above information …
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