how to get someone to forgive you


To get someone to forgive you, it is important to express sincere regret and apologize without making excuses. 1 2 3 Acknowledge your responsibility and offer a limited explanation of how things went wrong. 3 Give the person space to sort their feelings out 3 , and look into programs developed by forgiveness researchers 4 to help you practice forgiveness. Finally, share your feelings with someone else 4 and allow yourself to be honest and name the feelings that are there. 5

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Summary To ask forgiveness of someone you need to spend some time thinking about your actions and how they affected the person you have wronged. Then you need to approach the person with sincerity and a willingness to be rejected. Asking forgiveness is not always easy, but you can learn how to do it by following some simple steps.
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1. An expression of regret. Think: "I truly wish I'd thought first before saying that nasty comment about your hair." Or, "I feel so bad about having offended you /stood you …
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Summary Speak of your sincere sorrow or regret. Ask for forgiveness without making excuses. You can't force someone to forgive you. Others need to move to forgiveness in their own time.
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Is someone refusing to forgive you for something you did? Learn how to convey genuine ... It also means actively taking steps to make that harm better. The ...
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When trying to find a way of how to get someone to forgive you, you need to really care about their pain and understand the damage you caused. Therefore, it…
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How To Get Someone To Forgive You: 6 Steps To Ask For Forgiveness. 1. Express regret for your actions. The other person will find it much easier to forgive you …
How To Get Someone To Forgive You: 6 Steps To Ask For Forgiveness

Doing the deed Write a letter. If you prefer to avoid face-to-face contact with someone you’ve forgiven, writing a letter may offer a... Share your feelings with someone else. It…
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Hold tightly to your unwillingness to forgive . Now, observe what emotion is present. Is it anger, resentment, sadness? Use your body as a barometer and notice physically what you feel.…
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If you have hurt another person, apologizing can have the following benefits: Show them that you aren't trying to act against them. If you hurt someone, they likely took it…
How To Get Someone To Forgive You: The Importance Of Apologizing And 6 ...