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To stop the screen from locking on an iPhone, users can go to the Settings and turn off Auto-Lock. 1 To enable or disable apps on the lock screen, users can access the Settings app and move the sliders to green for the apps they want and do the opposite for those they don't. 2 This feature makes it easy to access apps quickly without having to unlock the phone first. 2

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Summary This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to turn off Auto-Lock on an iPhone, either completely or extend the period before it locks. It also explains how to keep an iPad from locking by going to the Settings and tapping on Display and Brightness. Finally, it explains how to keep the screen from locking on an iPad.
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Summary When an iPhone or iPad is locked, users can still access specific apps they like, such as the Wallet app, Today View, Notification Center, Control Center, Siri, Reply with Message, Home Control, Wallet, Return Missed Calls, and USB Accessories. To enable or disable the apps, users must access the Settings app and move the sliders to green for the apps they want and do the opposite for those they don't. This feature makes it easy to access apps you need quickly without having to worry about unlocking your phone first to navigate where you want to go.
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Note: You can't change Auto- Lock time when in Power Saver Mode. Launch Settings from the Home screen. Tap on Display & Brightness. Tap on Auto Lock . Tap on the timing…
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Check for Activation Lock before you buy a device from someone else. Turn on and unlock the device. If the passcode Lock Screen or the Home Screen appears, the device…
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Here's how to set up Face ID for apps on an iPhone : Open the Settings app . Select Face ID & Passcode. Enter your iPhone passcode ( forgot your iPhone passcode?…
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What to Know Current iPhones: Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps. Turn off an app's switch... On iOS 11 or earlier: Go…
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Open up the Settings app . Choose "Screen Time." Make sure Screen Time is enabled and a Screen Time passcode is set by choosing the "Use Screen Time Passcode" option Tap…
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Open the app you want unlocked. Triple-click the side button on iPhone X or later, or triple-click the home button on iPhone 8 or earlier. Tap Guided Access and Start.…
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Note: There could be a chance that you'll enter into Recovery Mode instead of DFU mode. To tell the difference, keep an eye out for a flashing Apple logo after…
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