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To EQ a live recording, start by resetting the board and focusing on the mix. 1 Filter judiciously and boost with care. 1 Cut frequencies first, then boost. 1 Vocals should take precedence, so use a high-pass filter to cut out low-end rumble and add warmth to the sound. 2 Roll-off all sub-frequencies below 30 Hz 3 , then balance the low, mid, and high-mid frequencies. 3 4 If the mix is busy, cut frequencies between 100 and 300 Hz to give the recording more poise and clarity. 4

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Summary The busier the mix, the more excess bass will be an issue. Much above 100Hz and you’ll be losing too much if cut completely. If your mic is booming or ‘woofing’ a little bit around the soundhole, cutting frequencies between 100 and 300Hz can really help, giving the whole thing more poise and clarity.
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