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Google Docs offers a document outline feature that allows users to organize their documents by adding headings, adding a summary, and showing or hiding rulers and non-printing characters. 1 Users can add headings manually, remove headings from the outline, and quickly jump to any section in the document. 1 2 Additionally, users can show or hide rulers on a computer. 2

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If you use Google Docs as your go-to writing application, then there’s no better way to ... heading you want to use, and then you’ll see your text change. ...
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Google Docs outline makes managing and navigating your Google Docs documents easy. This article illustrates how to add an outline in Google Docs.
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The Outline tool in Google Docs helps you quickly navigate lengthy, complex documents.
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In essence and operation, Google Docs is an app based on MS Word. The main difference ... Adding Headings to the Google Document Outline
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Here’s why the outline is important and how you can highlight the information hierarchy ... unable to successfully add an outline in a Google Docs document ...
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You can structure your Google Doc with the “document outline” feature. The outline detects and lists headings from your text to help organize your ...
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