how to deal with an emotional teenager


Parents should remain calm and understand the biological changes that occur during the teenage years. 1 They should provide emotional support and use non-judgmental language 2 , and facilitate independence by providing assistance. 2 Talking with someone can help reduce stress and put things in perspective. 3 Additionally, it is important to avoid all-or-nothing thinking and accept that there is sometimes a gray area. 2

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Summary A hug, words of encouragement, or a shoulder (all without judgment) can be very healing. Teens and parents must learn to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to reach out when they need emotional support and to practice self-acceptance while still remaining open to change.
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Step 1: Identify the Emotion. Learning to notice and identify your feelings takes practice. In addition to focusing on your feelings, check in with your body, too. You may feel…
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Summary Parents of teenagers can be rewarding but also very frustrating. To help manage their teen's emotions, parents should remain calm, understand the teenage brain, be present, bite their tongue, respect their differing perspectives, provide outlets, and be honest about their own feelings. Additionally, parents should be aware of the biological changes that occur during the teenage years and how they can impact their teen's self-management skills.
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Here are a few ways to start: Calmness counts. As tempting as it is to return your child's verbal swordplay with a lashing of your own, don't. This just escalates…
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The point is to remind yourself that many teenagers struggle within, and mindfulness of their experience can help you relate to them with more detachment and equanimity. 6. Give Them…
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It’s important for them to learn that bad behavior has ramifications. It’s even more important for you to stay calm and remember that your teen is a sea of raging…
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3. Always Make Yourself Available. Your teenager will not always welcome you with open arms whenever you feel like having a conversation. Sometimes, their response may be downright hostile. However,…
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The only way to calm an angry teen is to be calm. Find ways to control your anger and listen to what your teenager has to say. Avoid arguments as…
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If the emotionally immature person in your life is a co-worker, try speaking to someone in human resources about the situation. They might be able to help you find more…
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