how to buy your own ship in sea of thieves


You can buy a Sloop, Brigantine, or Galleon ship with in-game Gold. 1 To do so, you need to update the game to Season 7^2 and select Adventure from the main screen. 1 2 Then, choose My Ships from the ship type options 1 2 and click on Purchase Ship. 1 2 Buying a ship lets you sail as a captain for perks and rewards. 2

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Summary To buy a ship, you need to log into Sea of Thieves and choose ‘Adventure’ as though you were setting up a normal lobby to join the Sea of Thieves open world. When you go to choose your ship type for your voyage, you’ll notice a new option – ‘My Ships’ – that you need to select.
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Step 3: Choose My ships from the center of the screen. Step 4: Select Purchase ship . Step 5: Choose which type of ship you wish to buy . Step 6: Name…
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You can place trinkets and decorations around the ship to spruce it up. Some of these can be purchased right away, while others will have to be unlocked by reaching…
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How to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves From the main Adventure menu, select My Ships, which is to the right of the standard Ship Type options. There is…
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How to buy a ship . You can buy a ship from the ‘My Ships’ section in the Main Menu after selecting Adventure. If this is your first ship , you will…
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How to Buy a Ship in Sea of Thieves guide shows where to find an option to purchase and own a ship once the servers stabilize and the game loads…
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