how much does weight and size matter in a fight


Weight and size both play a significant role in a fight, as fighters often cut weight to gain a size advantage against their opponents. 1 This size advantage can be used to gain an edge in terms of reach, power, and leverage. Additionally, a fighter's weight can also affect their speed and agility , which can be used to their advantage in a fight.

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Summary Weight matters a massive amount in a fight. It matters so much so that many fighters put themselves through extreme weight cuts in order to make a certain weight class. By weighing in at a lighter weight class, they will be able to have a size advantage against the other fighter after they re-hydrate post-weigh ins.
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An extensive study among 708 MMA fighters and 1392 boxers shows that winners consistently regained more weight from the weigh-in to the time of the fight than losers. The information…
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I understand that a very small mma fighter could beat the snot out of the average guy. ... transcending weight classes, how much does skill matter vs. size?
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Strength does not increase linearly with bodyweight: The world record for the deadlift in the 148-pound weight class is just over 700 pounds, whereas the world record for the 308-pound…
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Size obviously matters in open weight fights, but in modern day MMA 90% of fighters cut weight , and come fight time they are withing 5-10 pounds of each other. Size …
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Size does matter in a fight. I always hear people say “size doesn’t matter in a fight” and it almost always comes from a much smaller person (usually one who…
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