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The 8+ Pro membership is available for $19/mo with no minimum commitment and provides access for up to two app accounts per Pod device. 1 It includes tools to help improve sleep, such as the Autopilot feature which can automatically adjust the temperature of each side of the system. 2 Members are also eligible to upgrade their Pod technology at an exclusive price with a 2-year warranty included. 3

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Summary The optional membership is available to Pod Mattress and Pod Cover owners for only $19/mo, with no minimum commitment, and provides access for up to two app accounts per Pod device.
The Eight Sleep 8+ Pro Membership | - Eight Sleep

Summary Eight Sleep is a mattress and bedding accessory brand that specializes in products integrated with smart features and sleep-tracking technology. The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is an all-foam mattress constructed with comfort layers of polyfoam and memory foam, a polyfoam transitional layer, and a high-density polyfoam base. It offers very good motion isolation thanks to its all-foam design, and is a great choice for anyone looking for a mattress with adjustable temperature controls.
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Summary Eight Sleep offers an optional 8+ Pro membership ($19 per month) with tools to help improve your sleep, but you don't need a subscription to use the Pod Pro Cover's best features.
Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover Review | PCMag

Summary If you subscribe to the optional 8+ Pro membership ($19 per month), you get access to Eight Sleep’s Autopilot feature, which can automatically adjust the temperature of each side of the system based on a number of factors.
How I Improved the Quality of My Sleep with the Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Summary Eight Sleep members are eligible to upgrade their Pod technology at an exclusive price, with a 2-year warranty included. There are two upgrade options: Pod Pro Active Grid and Hub, or the entire system, Active Grid, Hub, and Mattress. To upgrade, customers can choose their upgrade option and click on the corresponding link, and their Sleep Pros will be happy to assist with the upgrade request.
Member Upgrade Program - Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep smart mattresses start at $2,295 for a full-size Pod model, and the company has financing available starting at $64 per month. You can view full pricing details by…
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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max Mattress Sleeper Type Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230 lbs Side Sleepers Back Sleepers Stomach Sleepers Side Sleepers: Overall, the Pod Pro Max is…
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[deleted] • 1 yr. ago [removed] Weird_Ad_7451 • 8 mo. ago At the end of last year they introduced a plus membership that will cost $20 / month. Some features…
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Click here to see all your payment options. *Subject to approval of credit application and purchase of CPAP Companion System (for $249). Rates range from 5.99% to 29.99% APR, resulting…
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Sleep coaching: Eight Sleep ’s AI-engine calculates your sleep fitness score and sleep patterns, provides recommended Pod settings and allows you to compare with your friends and peers. Smart Home Integrations:…
Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress Review 2022 - New Updates!

The Eight Sleep app requires an Eight Sleep Pod or Pod Pro Cover. Some features are not available with certain products. Learn more and get yours at https://www. eightsleep .com. Eight Sleep …
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What is 8 + Pro 8 + Pro Membership $19 /mo $15 /mo* You and your partner will have access to automatic temperature updates, digital coaching, insights, and sleep content. Finance starting…
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