how many countries border germany


Germany shares its land boundary with nine countries: Austria 1 , the Netherlands 1 , the Czech Republic 1 , France 1 , Luxembourg 1 , Denmark 1 , Poland 1 , Switzerland 2 , and Belgium. 1 The country has a land border that spans 2,307 miles in length. 1 2

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Summary . It shares borders with nine countries: Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Switzerland (its only non- EU neighbor) and Austria in the south, France in the southwest and Belgium , Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the west.
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Germany has the second-highest number of bordering countries in Europe, with its nine bordering countries only being exceeded by Russia. The country has a land border that spans 2,307 miles…
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To the west, Germany borders The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg; to the southwest it borders France. Germany shares its entire southern boundary with Switzerland and Austria. In the southeast the…
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Germany is the European country that shares the highest number of borders with other countries. It has a 2,307 miles long border. Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the…
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Germany (German: Deutschland), officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a sovereign state in central Europe, bordered in the north by the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and Denmark, in…
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Germany is surrounded by Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Germany is situated in central Europe, and shares its borders with the second-highest…
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Germany Has 9 Neighboring Countries . Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe and many of its neighbors are among the continent's smallest nations. It is also almost completely…
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