how do i find out who owns a domain name


You can find out who owns a domain name by using a WHOIS Lookup tool. This will reveal the entity that owns or manages the domain name, including their contact information such as name, phone number, and address. 1 2 Additionally, you can use the tool to view key data about a domain, including availability, domain owner lookup, and creation and expiration details. 2

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To find out who owns a domain name , you can use the WHOIS lookup and domain lookup tool. Simply enter the domain you want to look up and click ‘Search’.…
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Summary To use the GoDaddy WHOIS lookup tool, just enter the domain name whose information you’d like to view into the search field on the WHOIS main page. You can retrieve key data about a domain in this way, including availability, domain owner lookup , and creation and expiration details
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The ICANN registration data lookup tool gives you the ability to look up the current registration data for domain names and Internet number resources. The tool uses the Registration Data…
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Go to the website of the domain registrar (simply Google the name if it’s not included in the WHOIS record), and look for their contact information. Give them a call…
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