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Progress the main quest before exploring the world 1 , complete class assignments for extra spells 1 2 , collect field guide pages to level up 2 , unlock Broom Travel early in the Summer season 3 , sell items you don't need 3 , use Revelio spell like a magic detective 4 , watch your step 4 , and transmog to keep your magical drip. 4

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Summary Progress the main quest before you properly explore. While it may be tempting to pick a point on the horizon and run off... Do your assignments for extra spells. Many challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are impossible to overcome if you don't have... Eye chests break the economy. There's a way to never worry about getting...
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Almost nowhere is off limits in Hogwarts Legacy, as the wizarding world is hugely explorable. So, if you notice a door,... Make sure you always have inventory space when searching…
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Summary Focus on the main quest initially. In a massive open-world game like Hogwarts Legacy, it’s always tempting to venture... Complete class assignments quick. As mentioned above, initially in Hogwarts Legacy you’ll be lacking many of the spells... Collect field guide pages to level up...
9 essential Hogwarts Legacy tips after more than 40 hours with the new ...

#1. Flying is too important to miss. Early in the Summer season, you’ll unlock Broom Travel. Unlock this first before... #2. Don’t let your inventory fill up. Sell everything you…
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Hogwarts Legacy Tips: 11 Ways To Succeed At Magic School Listen for the chime when using Revelio. Reveilo is a spell you get early in-game--think of it like magic Detective...
Hogwarts Legacy Tips: 11 Ways To Succeed At Magic School

In Hogwarts Legacy , this is where you’ll find the Dark Arts cosmetic set if you have the Deluxe Edition, but you can also unlock quite a number of customization options…
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Hogwarts Legacy guide is the best tips and tricks and interactive map. We described all the Field Guide Pages, Merlin Trails, main and side quests, house selection. We present list…
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From arguably essential tips for beginners to mechanics that border on glitches, here are some of the things that Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t teach you. Increase Inventory Space By Completing...
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