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Green finance is a solution for achieving a balance between the economy and nature, reducing emissions of ozone-depleting substances and air pollution. 1 There are various green finance solutions available, such as providing investors and asset managers with data visualization to track their sustainability impact, access to data on forest growth, carbon sinks, and climate threats. 2 Digital issuance platforms are also being used to facilitate capital markets products and syndicated loans. 3 VERBUND AG's digital green Schuldschein was the world's first placement of such an instrument on a fintech platform, demonstrating the potential of digitalisation in sustainable transactions. 3

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Summary This data-driven report from StartUs Insights highlights five top green finance solutions from 343 global startups and scaleups. These solutions provide investors and asset managers with the visualization required to track their sustainability impact, as well as access to data on forest growth, carbon sinks, and climate threats. These solutions are designed to help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve and improve their corporate sustainability practices.
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