Grafana is a cloud-based platform that provides operational dashboards for data across multiple applications and infrastructures. 1 It offers a free forever plan with Prometheus metrics, 50GB logs, 50GB traces, dashboards, plugins, alerts, reports, governance, usage insights, and more. 1 Grafana also provides users with the ability to query, visualize, alert on, and understand their metrics no matter where they are stored, and create, explore, and share beautiful dashboards with their team. 1 Additionally, maintains a collection of shared dashboards which can be downloaded and used with standalone instances of Grafana. 2

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Grafana Labs is behind leading open source projects Grafana and Loki, and the creator of the first open & composable observability platform. - Grafana Labs
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Grafana is a multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization web application. It provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources. There is also a licensed Grafana Enterprise version with additional capabilities available as a self-hosted installation or an account on the Grafana Labs cloud service.[2] It is expandable through a plug-in system. End users can create complex monitoring dashboards[3] using interactive query builders. Grafana is divided into a front end and back end, written in TypeScript and Go, respectively.[4]
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Summary maintains a collection of shared dashboards which can be downloaded and used with standalone instances of Grafana. Use the "Filter" option to browse dashboards for the "Prometheus" data source only.
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Open source grafana & formerly open source Kibana are 2 tools that visualize trends in log data & metrics. Let's pit OSS grafana vs. Kibana.
Grafana vs. Kibana: The Key Differences to Know |

Grafana feature overview, screenshots, videos, and feature tours. Grafana 9.3 release: Enhanced navigation, Grafana localization, Grafana Alerting updates, and ...
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Amazon Managed Grafana helps you monitor and visualize metrics, logs, and trace from data sources such as Graphite, InfluxDB, Amazon Managed Service for ...
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Grafana Understand all of your metrics with dashboards that are easy to create and share. Trusted by the community. Get Grafana today. New York, NY / Stockholm, Sweden
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Grafana Labs | 121,165 followers on LinkedIn. Grafana Labs supports organizations’ monitoring, visualization & observability goals. 1 million+ active ...
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