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Self-hosted GitLab can be used to create a private CI/CD pipeline. It is virtually limitless and can be set up using Docker. 1 GitLab Runner can be installed on infrastructure owned or managed by the user. 2 Gitlab-CI and Shared Runners for CI come free with, but for free plans, users need to deploy their own Gitlab-CI instance and additional instance runners with GitlabCE. 3 GitLab Pages can be used to publish static websites directly from a repository in GitLab, using any static site generator or plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 4

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Summary The self-hosted GitLab version is virtually limitless. I am developing both microservices and monoliths, so being flexible with CI/CD is essential for me. In this post, we are going to guide ourselves through the initial setup of GitLab using Docker.
Your Private CI/CD using self-hosted GitLab and Docker

Summary GitLab Runner is an application that works with GitLab CI/CD to run jobs in a pipeline. You can choose to install the GitLab Runner application on infrastructure that you own or manage.
GitLab Runner | GitLab

Summary With GitLab Pages, you can publish static websites directly from a repository in GitLab. To publish a website with Pages, you can use any static site generator, like Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, Middleman, Harp, Hexo, or Brunch. You can also publish any website written directly in plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
GitLab Pages | GitLab

Understand GitLab's pricing tiers and know which features your subscription gives you ... We’ve recently iterated on the names of our self-managed pricing ...
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GitLab Community Edition is a self-hosted Git repository provider with additional ... is the builtin continuous integration and delivery tool called GitLab CI ...
How To Set Up Continuous Integration Pipelines with GitLab CI on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean

Learn about the various features of GitLab Premium, Ultimate, and Free, including issue ... GitLab advances open science education at Te Herenga Waka – ...
Features | GitLab

Learn how to use GitLab CI/CD, the GitLab built-in Continuous Integration, Continuous ... Open an interactive web terminal to debug the running jobs.
GitLab CI/CD | GitLab

This tutorial looks at how to deploy self-hosted GitLab CI/CD runners with Docker to DigitalOcean.
Deploying Self-Hosted GitLab CI Runners with Docker |

Learn how to administer GitLab Pages. ... This guide is for Omnibus GitLab installations. If you have installed GitLab from source, see GitLab Pages ...
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On this page you can view information on Self-Managed Feature Comparison for GitLab. View more!
Self-Managed Feature Comparison | GitLab

Download, install and maintain your own GitLab instance with various installation packages and downloads for Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud and more.
Download and install GitLab | GitLab

GitLab first became the standard for self hosting git with two-thirds of the market, then ... part of GitLab is now used by 2/3 of the market that self host ...
From 2/3 of the self-managed Git market, to the next-generation CI system, to Auto DevOps | GitLab