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You can view the remote servers you have configured by running the git remote command. 1 This command will list the shortnames of each remote handle you’ve specified. 1 To get a brief overview of all the branches stored on a remote, you can use the git branch -r command. 2 3 To view detailed information about the branches associated with a remote repository, you can use the git remote show command. 3

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Summary To see which remote servers you have configured, you can run the git remote command. It lists the shortnames of each remote handle you’ve specified. If you’ve cloned your repository, you should at least see origin — that is the default name Git gives to the server you cloned from: $ git clone https
Git - Working with Remotes

With no arguments, shows a list of existing remotes. Several subcommands are available to perform operations on the remotes.
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Summary This Git command will show you remote branches. The -r flag here is short for --remotes . This is the command I use personally. So if you want, you can just stop reading here and use git branch -r whenever you want to list remote git branches.
Git List Remote Branches

Learn how the 'git remote' command can help you manage connections to remote repositories. ... It allows you to show which remotes are currently connected, but ...
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The "remote" repository to query. This parameter can be either a URL or the name of a remote (see the GIT URLS and REMOTES sections of git-fetch[1] ).
Git - git-ls-remote Documentation

Summary The git remote show displays detailed information about the branches associated with a remote repository. This command takes one argument: the name of the remote whose branches you want to view. The git branch -r command is sufficient if you want a brief overview of all the branches stored on a remote.
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You do not need to know configuration tree in order to get remote url. 'git remote show origin' seems to provide the response only when the remote is ...
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The git remote command lets you create, view and delete connections to other ... Users typically need to share a series of commits rather than a single ...
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The git fetch command downloads commits, files, and refs from a remote repository into a ... The next example code snippet shows the branches you might see ...
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To display a list of your current Git remotes and their endpoints, you can say Does your version of Ruby on Rails still receive security updates? Rails LTS ...
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When we pushed our changes with git push origin development, it created the development branch in remotes/origin.
Git Show Remote Branches