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Forum Channels provide a space for organized discussions, allowing users to discuss specific topics without talking over each other. 1 Posts make it easier to join an existing conversation or start a new one without worrying about messages getting buried. 1 Forums are designed for focused discussions, not just free-range chatting. 2 When exploring a Forum Channel, users will see a list of posts with big bolded titles and relevant tags. 2

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Summary Forum Channels provide a space for organized discussions. With forums, you can discuss specific topics and not worry about talking over each other. Since discussions are contained in posts, it’s easier to jump in on an existing one (or start a new one) without worrying about your message getting buried!
Forum Channels FAQ – Discord

Discord’s forum-like test feature. Image Credits: Discord Apart from forums, Discord will test a new homepage-style feature that collects hot topics, ...
Discord is testing forums, new mod tools and homepages that surface hot topics in some servers • TechCrunch

Discord is rolling out a new flavor of channel to make it easier to stay up on a server's ... Discord describes Forum channels as “a place designed for ...
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Summary Forums are a place designed for focused discussions, not just free-range chatting. When you explore a Forum Channel, you’ll see a list of posts that start new conversations, complete with big bolded titles and relevant tags.
Forum Channels: A Space for Organized Conversations

Many developers and businesses already use Discord for their communication. However, as a ... where they could be available for other users, similar to forum ...
Discord as a Forum – Discord

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Topics – Discord

forums. Slowly, you will be less and less able to troubleshoot problems or search for opinions online as all of that stuff becomes tucked away in discord ...
Overview of forum channels (new feature!) : r/discordapp

Discord is launching a new Forum Channels feature. The forums are designed to organize conversations into specific topics where topics can’t be interrupted.
Discord starts rolling out new Forum Channels to help organize conversations - The Verge

Discord is testing a new forum-like channel, which will let people access conversations in a organized way. Here are the details.
Discord Testing a New Forum-like Channel for Easy-to-Find Conversations | Beebom

not know where to post this and I'm not sure if this is something that anyone at Discord ... not too long ago would've turned to a free, or even paid, forum ...
The new generation of 'Forums' – Discord

Server for - We’re all communities here. But if you’re looking for Discord servers to
Discord Forums | Discord Me