foods that make you pee more


Caffeine, gluten, acidic foods, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, energy drinks, colas, chocolate, citrus fruits, alcohol, cranberry juice, and certain herbs like parsley are known to increase urine production and can lead to frequent urination. 1 2 3

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Summary Mayo Clinic offers appointments in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, and at Mayo Clinic Health System locations to help people improve their bladder control problems. These lifestyle changes include drinking more fluids and avoiding certain foods and beverages that can irritate the bladder, bladder training, and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Women can also try relaxation techniques or a pelvic floor massage to help improve bladder control.
Bladder control: Lifestyle strategies ease problems - Mayo Clinic

Summary Watch Out for Bubbles and Fizz. Carbonated drinks of club soda, seltzer water, and other "sparkling" waters may irritate sensitive bladders. So if you have overactive bladder (OAB), also called urinary "urge incontinence," limit how much you take in. Caffeine Can Make You Go Early and Often. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, and colas can all lead to more bathroom visits. Drinks that have it also contain acid, which can bother the bladder. Choose White Chocolate Instead. Bad news: Chocolate has caffeine and acid. So eat less of it, and don’t snack on it late in the evening. You could try white chocolate instead, since it has little or no caffeine. Citrus Might Be Your Bladder’s Pet Peeve. Oranges, grapefruits, clementines, lemons, and limes are all acidic and can make it harder to control the urge to pee, whether you eat them or drink their juice.
16 Foods and Drinks That Trigger the Urge to Go - WebMD

10 Diuretic Foods That Make You Pee More 1. Alcohol. Noticed your bathroom trips become more frequent when you have booze? ... That's because alcohol affects... 2. Coffee. After a…
10 Diuretic Foods That Make You Pee More - LIVESTRONG.COM

Natural diuretic foods and drinks, according to a urologist 1. Fruits According to Dr. Kavaler, one of the most common natural diuretic foods include fruits, especially watery ones... 2. Vegetables…
4 Natural Diuretic Foods and Drinks According to a Urologist - Well+Good

Foods That Cause Frequent Urination Fruits. Fruits such as lemons, cranberries, melons and watermelon can cause frequent urination 1 2. Although cranberry... Vegetables. Although you know that vegetables are good…
Foods That Cause Frequent Urination | Healthfully

Citrus fruits to watch out for are: oranges limes lemons grapefruits
11 Foods to Avoid if You Have Overactive Bladder (OAB) - Healthline

Frequent Urination & the Foods to Avoid. Caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and diuretic that fills the bladder, and needing to void urine on a regular basis. Caffeine is…
Frequent Urination & the Foods to Avoid | livestrong

Another food that has a high water content and can make it easier to pee is cucumbers. Eating fresh cucumbers is a great way to naturally flush out your lymphatic…
How to Make Yourself Pee: Natural Ways That Actually Work

Coffee has and black tea contains more caffeine than green tea. 3. Lemons and pineapple Water-based fruits and vegetables, in addition to providing vitamins and antioxidants, can be good natural…
5 foods and drinks that make you urinate more often