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Flatiron School offers flexible education solutions in software engineering, cybersecurity, data science, and product design to corporations, universities, and colleges. 1 It also provides courses that are crafted to be successful for anyone regardless of skill level, artistic background, or coding knowledge, and includes instruction on cutting-edge tools like Figma. 2

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Summary Flatiron School course is crafted so anyone and everyone can be successful, regardless of skill level, artistic background, or coding knowledge. The course starts with ethical and inclusive design principles then progresses through UX and UI concepts, which includes instruction on cutting-edge tools like Figma.
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Is Flatiron School legit? Read Flatiron School reviews and learn more about its tuition, bootcamp prep courses, and job placement rates.

Flatiron School is an educational organization founded in 2012 by Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum. The organization is based in New York City and teaches software engineering, computer programming, data science, product design, and cybersecurity engineering. In 2017, the company was sued for making false statements about the earning potential of its graduates. It was acquired by WeWork in 2017 and sold to Carrick Capital Partners in 2020.[1]
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Flatiron School #ChangeThings — launch a tech career with our in-person or online courses in Product Design, Data Science, Software Engineering or Cybersecurity. New York, NY
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We teach people how to change things: Their careers, their lives and the world. Learn to how become a Software Engineer, Data Scientist or Cybersecurity Prof...
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Students rated Flatiron School 4.61 out of five stars. Read student reviews and learn about the courses offered by Flatiron School, including cost, program ...
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By clicking "Sign Up", you agree to the Flatiron School Terms of Service Students come to Flatiron School to change their lives. Join our driven community of ...
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Flatiron School | 40,334 followers on LinkedIn. Launch a career with in-person or online ... in Tech: Five Grad's Stories | Flatiron School flatironschool.com ...
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Why are Yale and Flatiron School working together on this program? The Flatiron School curriculum, by combining computer science fundamentals and coding, ...
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Education should be the best investment you make in your future—and at Flatiron School, we’re committed to helping you learn the skills you need to change ...
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